Down Time

The ladies here at DownShannonLane are a little under the weather this week. I have a major cold and Butters is getting spayed tomorrow.

So I’m going to write about the furry friends that are keeping me company while I bury myself in tissues in bed. When I was in college I volunteered at the local Humane Society and absolutely loved it. I learned about the importance of adopting rather than shopping for pets and the importance of proper care of animals including spaying or neutering pets to prevent unwanted litters. Volunteering allowed me to walk dogs, advertise the needs of the organization, and love on little kittens.

I even adopted a kitten for my little brother and mom from this shelter. My family is absolutely in love with the little guy, who is now 3 years old and the most lovable kitten I have ever met.

So I was able to experience just how awesome it is to find a home for deserving cats and dogs. My family has been adopting from shelters my whole life. I even wrote a story about the 2 amazing women who run the humane society in my college newspaper.

So how did I run across my little guys? David saved Japhy from being euthanized when a nearby breeder was shut down. He was tiny when David brought him home. I wasn’t sure that I wanted a dog but I couldn’t fathom turning away something so tiny and cute.

And, technically, Butters found us when she unceremoniously wandered into our front yard and plopped down on my lap a couple of months ago. We weren’t sure how Japhy would get along with our new addition.

But within days we had 2 inseparable best friends.

So I encourage you to volunteer and/or adopt at your local shelter. Seeing the immediate satisfaction on a dog’s face after a long walk and some very needed snuggles is the very best feeling in the world. Pairing a family with a new furry friend will warm your heart. Visit your local shelter for more information or visit the Humane Society of the United States for important information about taking care of your pets and adopting pets. Let me tell you, finding a new best friend is definitely worth it.


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