Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (DIY Recycling Bins)

Read the name of this post. It’s important to do and it’s really not that hard so why not do it? I have always lived in a household that recycles so it has been a no brainer to continue now that I live on my own. I recycled in the dorms, with my roommates in our first  apartment, and, even, David and I celebrate the 3 r’s.

Check out this shot of my first apartment. I was so proud of that first place. Paying rent, living with my best girl friends, and having a blast in college.

Boy, that recycling area grew huge fast. The apartment was tiny, but we paid pennies for it, so anything looked big in it.

My bedroom was a whopping 6×10 feet and that is generous. I still managed to rearrange the furniture around 3 times! Keep in mind that 2 doors were on the same 10 foot wall leaving a whopping 4 feet of open wall space on the other side of the room. So the bed remained on one wall and two shelves I handcrafted with my grandfather resided on the other 2 walls.

As you can see, at that point in my life I was still decorating mostly with posters and things that I thought defined me as a person. My roommates and I were so proud of our “art” posters. My decorating style has evolved and matured so much since then. Now, I am meticulous with a laid back style which, I know, sounds like a crazy combination. But trust me, it works.

Anyways, where was I going with this post? Oh yes, recycling! I made recycling cans for our new house. I opted to take it to the recycling center myself instead of paying for pickup service every month. Love to save money! Plus, the recycling center is excitingly close to an awesome park with caves, a small lake, and wooded trails, a.k.a. the perfect place to take Japhy. So I needed to come up with a sorting plan and 2 storage tubs, a little paint, and come cardboard are just the ticket to solve my conundrum.

First, I drew the recycling symbol. I am a sucker for precision, so I used my ruler and perfect angles. Then I cut out the symbol using my X-acto knife thereby creating a stencil! I would love to use this strategy to cut a stencil for a dramatic wall treatment.

Then I taped the cutouts on the tubs and painted in the stencil.

Can you tell that Japhy was missing his little kitten? She spent the night at the vet yesterday after being spayed. Let me just say that the house was oddly quiet yesterday and Japhy was even more glued to me than normal.

Once the green dried, I painted labels to organize my recyclables and I hot glued cardboard dividers inside the tubs.

All that’s left to do is sort and use!

Then I placed them next to our cool brick column in the unfinished basement, a.k.a. Butters stomping ground.

Our basement, like most basements, is not all that pretty but I love these bright red stairs. They are an awesome pop of color that gives this boring, icky space a little fun.

Okay it’s a stretch, I know. But you’ve got to love what you’ve got. Am I right? So ready to use my new tubs!


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