I have finally found a job since the move! Cue a happy puppy:

Okay, I actually found 3 part-time jobs and it was 2 weeks ago but I have been waiting to start them before writing about it. So, what am I doing? I’m working in an office writing content for a vacation website (Yay for finally using my degree!), I’m also personal assisting my “other mother” with random tasks and chores, and working as a receptionist at a vet. Now this is not necessarily what I thought I would be doing in this juncture of my life, but I am hoping that experience in multiple areas will diversify my resume so that I can find the job I want.

During this job searching process I realized that I have been attempting to find jobs that I could reasonably do, not THE job that I absolutely want! So I’m using this time in multiple work settings to figure out what my dream job is and how I could realistically get that job.

This new job goal has seriously pushed me to make some changes in my life. The first one all started with cleaning out my closet of adolescent clothes. After 2 hours in my closet, I finished with 3+ bags of clothes and a bed full of hangers. I forgot to take “before” pictures, but trust me, it looks better since it has been purged of my “teenager” clothes.


I haven’t really purchased new clothes, aside from occasional new t-shirts and new jeans, since early in college. So there was a lot in there that was definitely more appropriate for a teenager, not someone looking to start a career as an adult.

Thanks to my mother, after cleaning things out, the next step was to shop for a more mature wardrobe! This week I’ll be sharing all the pieces from my new wardrobe and the amazing prices in which we found them. Think 65% off sale prices! My mom is the queen of finding quality clothing on sale. Hopefully this is just the first step to my dream career. I already feel more mature and ready to take on the world!

In the meantime, in addition to the 2 other new jobs I have been working on stuff for my “other mother” (mom’s best friend and, like it says, one of my other mommy’s). I’ve been helping her out with odd jobs since high school including scrap booking, errands, planning dinner parties, etc. I always love the crazy projects she has for me. So this is the set of my “home office.”

Her in-laws traveled all over the world in the 50’s and 60’s using a Kodak Stereo Camera. The camera had 2 viewfinders producing two images that can be viewed in 3D in a special image viewer. It was the beginning of 3D technology.

Scanning them all in one by one is tedious but definitely fascinating. They traveled to so many amazing destinations. I feel like I am on a fun adventure with them. Right now we are traveling through Asia in 1959.

Lastly, we are enjoying the last day that Butters has to suffer in her inflatable collar. Honestly, she really doesn’t mind it. I definitely recommend this option over cones except that her neck is quite itchy and she doesn’t fit in her favorite nooks and crannies anymore.

I am going to miss this goofy look that she is rocking. Until tomorrow, Down Shannon Lane.


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