DIY Magazine Ad Art

I have always been creative. My favorite class in school was always art. I loved creating something beautiful …. beautiful for an elementary school art project. I still love creating and my favorite projects are the ones that are simple and cost-effective, aka free! When I was in Junior High I loved making collages with cut up magazines. In fact, I still have an old picture frame that I mod podged with fun magazine clippings. So when I was flipping through my most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and came across an adorably designed advertisement, I had an idea!

1. I cut the ad to size ….

2. I grabbed an old frame …

3. Voila! I placed the Stampin’ Up ad in the frame. For my purposes, I cut off the logo but the website is definitely worth checking out.

 Such a simple project with a satisfying outcome! In only a couple of minutes I had some new art!

I was thinking about painting the frame white so that the bright colors would stand out more but I liked that the black frame blends in with my baker’s rack. Everything that I have placed on the rack is colorful and fun with only hints of white here and there so I might paint it when I rearrange things in a couple of months.

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy the rest of your week! Take a cat nap in a shoe box.


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