Exploring at the Park

Your life is defined by a series of moments. Many of them are seemingly mundane. Sitting at your desk at work, driving your car, watching commercials… But the others. The others are amazing. Gazing at a flowing waterfall, climbing to the top of the hill to overlook a beautiful pond, watching majestic geese glide along the pond, the good feeling that comes from the smile of a dog….

We started the day with a quick, but steep, climb into the woods as we let Japhy take the lead. He was like a tiny detective hot on the scent of another creature that had already claimed this territory.

As we zig zagged through the woods and climbed the steep rock faces, we felt removed from a city park in the middle of a large city. I could hear birds tweeting, bugs talking, and leaves crunching underneath our feet.

The sun was hiding behind the clouds keeping our faces and brows cool.

Children laughing with glee as they raced around the playground and rushing cars brought us back to the present as we emerged from the forest throughout the day.

The prize at the end of the day was in the form of two tiny burgers for two spoiled fuzzy creatures. The humans were spoiled with bbq as well.


How was your weekend? Did you spend time outside?


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