Budgeting and saving is so important which is why I DIY. Since our big move, I have been forced to watch my spending more closely and it has actually proven to be very easy. I am a very calculated money spender in the first place. I only choose to spend my money on things that are very necessary. The problem is that everyone defines “necessary items” in different ways. I define them as bills and rent. After that I allot $50 each month for frivolous spending. But I prefer to spend $0! So when I had a curtain conundrum this weekend, rather than spend money on new ones. I shuffled around curtains I already had to save some money!

First of all, this stroke of genius was fueled by a car full of free stuff. A family friend, Karen, decided to clean out unwanted things at her house and she gave it all to me. Check out my loot.

Want to see how my switcheroo took place?

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My Quirky Kitten

It has been 17 years since I have had a kitten. I had forgotten, or, rather, I didn’t remember how quirky, noisy, demanding, playful, cuddly, and amazing these tiny creatures could be. Butters days are filled with galloping around the house pouncing on dust particles, falling asleep wherever she happens to land, and an intense desire to be fed every 12 hours on the dot. The introduction of pesky fleas to our lives a couple of weeks ago forced me to throw out her beloved Kitty bed which she stole away from Japhy. She was very upset because she loved it so much.

So this week I decided to make her something new to cuddle on. Read on to see what I made using things I had on hand.

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Down Shannon Lane Style

I love wearing lots of accessories. I fill my closet with plain, solid-colored clothes so I can constantly boost a boring outfit with the pop of a fun accessory. Whether it’s with a ┬ábeautifully patterned scarf, eye-catching necklace, or a bright pair of sunglasses, I love dressing up with a pop of color. Come to think of it, I always have.

Want to see how much (or little) my style has evolved since age 4?

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Stop & Smell the Roses

I have come to a new conclusion. Rugby is seriously badass. One of our good friends plays in an adult league. Well his team happened to drop by to play our local team and the game was lots of fun to watch. Japhy, of course, loved it!

I’m fairly sure cheering alongside a game of rugby is the closest I’ll ever come to enjoying football. Lots of huge dudes yelling profanities and fighting? Totally entertaining! I am officially intrigued with this sport. My favorite thing? It’s a very continuous game. Very little stop and go. That’s definitely what I hate most about football. I get distracted easily so without the stop and go, I stay interested.

On a totally separate note, I adore the single rose that bloomed in my front yard this week. I literally stop and smell the roses several times a day now.

Stay tuned guys. I’ve got a couple of projects up my sleeve coming soon.

Falling Into Fall

I love fall weather. Lots of rain storms, breezy days, lovely temperatures, cool nights, leaves changing… it’s beautiful.

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Flea Free Since….

After 8 days of annoyance, I am happy to FINALLY announce that we are flea free!!!!

Okay, she doesn’t look that happy but trust me, she is. Japhy managed to terminate all his fleas last week but Butters had quite a few issues. Lots of baths and cuddle sessions have allowed this house to enter flea free status!

So I apologize for the short hiatus, I started a new job this week and it’s playoff season so that’s means round the clock Yankees baseball in our household! Regular posting will resume next week.

Happiness Has Arrived – MyPublisher Photo Book

When I was in high school, I had a weekend job scrapbooking for a family friend. She bought all the pretty, fancy supplies so we could remake her three kids childhood scrapbooks. So I spent my summers matching colors, learn how to design and lay things out with my hands, and learning life lessons. What seemed like a small job finally stifled after almost 70 books and a couple of summers. Scrapbooking is fun but it takes a looooonnnggg time. I haven’t finished a personal scrapbook since junior high school ten years ago. And I have taken thousands of pictures since then so recently, I decided to find an affordable, pretty way to print my pictures. Through one of my favorite blogs, Under The Sycamore, I discovered MyPublisher. I designed my book. And now… my it’s here!

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We have fleas! I never thought that I would hate PT Flea from “A Bug’s Life” this much. It isn’t the best Pixar movie but now it’s definitely my least favorite.

The other night I noticed tiny black specks and a couple of bugs on Japhy. David looked up “flea problem” online but found fairly little help on the subject. So I decided to write a short post about how we handled our pest problem.┬áLuckily I had a small flea comb to confirm my flea sighting on Japhy and Butters. So I rushed to the store at 10pm to buy some necessities. On my list was flea bath, flea collars, and flea spray for my house.

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Stroer Wedding

I had the honor of being in the wedding for 2 of my college friends last weekend and it was a blast! I met the couple in college when my boyfriend joined the groom’s fraternity. The groom was his “big brother” and the bride soon became my “big sister.” They have been together for 12 years so family, friends, and the couple have been waiting for this day for a long time. Celebrating the union of these two was awesome. I can’t imagine 2 people more meant for each other.

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Down Shannon Lane Style

This week’s installment of Down Shannon Lane Style comes from a dress that I wore to my friend’s wedding last week! It is, again, an insanely on sale purchase that I made with my mom at Talbots. But I’ll share all that information later. Check out the dress!

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