Down Shannon Lane Style

This week’s installment of Down Shannon Lane Style comes from a dress that I wore to my friend’s wedding last week! It is, again, an insanely on sale purchase that I made with my mom at Talbots. But I’ll share all that information later. Check out the dress!

When I was younger, this is one of those dresses that I probably wouldn’t have glanced twice at as it waited patiently on the clothing rack. I always hated shopping when I was younger and I very quickly passed up clothes that looked blase on a hanger. Now that I’m older I was all over trying it on!

I love the simple pattern, the drape of the skirt, the light linen fabric, and where the waist line hits. But most importantly I loved the price! This dress was originally $160 at Talbots. During the sale, this dress, and all the others, were being sold for $20! That’s 87% off!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Klaus

So where did I don my fun sailor style dress?! The rehearsal dinner for my friend’s wedding last weekend. I paired with it a sweater I also bought on sale at Talbots and some old white heels.

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Klaus

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Navy Sailor Dress: Talbots (on sale for 87% off)
  • White Sweater: Talbots (on sale)
  • White High Heels: Bakers (my high school graduation shoes)

I love the feeling of wearing beautiful clothes I found on sale. Have you scored new clothes that were majorly on sale recently?


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