We have fleas! I never thought that I would hate PT Flea from “A Bug’s Life” this much. It isn’t the best Pixar movie but now it’s definitely my least favorite.

The other night I noticed tiny black specks and a couple of bugs on Japhy. David looked up “flea problem” online but found fairly little help on the subject. So I decided to write a short post about how we handled our pest problem. Luckily I had a small flea comb to confirm my flea sighting on Japhy and Butters. So I rushed to the store at 10pm to buy some necessities. On my list was flea bath, flea collars, and flea spray for my house.

Upon further research, I realized that the black specks were flea dirt and the little bugs were in fact fleas. Flea dirt is excess blood that fleas drop as feces and this stuff was all over Japhy’s butt and peri area. When squished, flea dirt will look like your pet is bleeding but your pet is just fine. In order to tackle this annoying problem the three of us jumped into the tub to start with flea baths.

Using my flea comb and some tweezers, I searched out the nasty little pests. Japhy and Butters were very good. But let me tell you, it was lots of claws in one tub! The key for kitty baths starts the day you bring your kitten home. I have given Butters several baths since we found her and she really doesn’t mind them anymore unlike cats that typically hate water. The worst part of this whole process? She’s so shivery and pathetic when I’m done.

For puppy baths, Japhy simply stands in the tub while I take my shower. With him, I’m bound to get wet no matter what so I’d rather just kill two birds with one stone. I shampoo him up and wait for it wash out while he stands underneath my feet. Because of all of the flea dirt on Japhy’s back legs, I had to shave his butt and back legs. If your dog has thick hair, it may be necessary to shave your pet to find all the fleas. Luckily, there weren’t many fleas left after I combed him but it was very helpful to shave him. I love that he looks happy even in the worst situations.

The best way to take care of a pest problem is to avoid it in the first place. I have always used Frontline on both pets and I will continue with their flea and tick products. I think that I missed a month during our big move, which most likely lead to this flea issue. We also hadn’t sprayed for bugs yet at this new house, an important step that shouldn’t have been glossed over. Lucky for us, the whole house wasn’t infested but we still needed to wash all our sheets, towels, and other laundry just in case. Flea infestations are a huge problem but they can be easily tackled when caught early. For now, I am happy to announce that I have two, adorable, flea-less pets again!


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