Happiness Has Arrived – MyPublisher Photo Book

When I was in high school, I had a weekend job scrapbooking for a family friend. She bought all the pretty, fancy supplies so we could remake her three kids childhood scrapbooks. So I spent my summers matching colors, learn how to design and lay things out with my hands, and learning life lessons. What seemed like a small job finally stifled after almost 70 books and a couple of summers. Scrapbooking is fun but it takes a looooonnnggg time. I haven’t finished a personal scrapbook since junior high school ten years ago. And I have taken thousands of pictures since then so recently, I decided to find an affordable, pretty way to print my pictures. Through one of my favorite blogs, Under The Sycamore, I discovered MyPublisher. I designed my book. And now… my it’s here!

I have never been more excited to see a brown box waiting on my porch. I snatched it up and immediately started to rip open the tape.

It’s beautiful. Yes, I’m the dork that believes a book of photos is beautiful.

The book encompasses the last two years in my first home with David and subsequently Japhy and Butters.

Using the simple design template provided by MyPublisher, I designed each page meticulously using my favorite photos from the last couple of years.

Japhy was not as excited about his adorable pictures as I was.

Lucky for me I chose the perfect time to create my book because MyPublisher was having a 50% off sale! I was able to create a 100-page book that normally would have been $110 but I only paid $50. I printed 500 pictures for $50. If I had printed them myself to place in scrap books, it would have cost way more.

Throughout the book, I documented all my favorite events within the last two years including finding a certain kitten in my front yard.

And, finally, I documented the big 250 mile move to our new home.

I saved my favorite picture for the back. Gotta love those tiny, cute faces.

MyPublisher offers promotions and sales all the time. Check their website for more information.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote MyPublisher. I simply like their product.


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