Stop & Smell the Roses

I have come to a new conclusion. Rugby is seriously badass. One of our good friends plays in an adult league. Well his team happened to drop by to play our local team and the game was lots of fun to watch. Japhy, of course, loved it!

I’m fairly sure cheering alongside a game of rugby is the closest I’ll ever come to enjoying football. Lots of huge dudes yelling profanities and fighting? Totally entertaining! I am officially intrigued with this sport. My favorite thing? It’s a very continuous game. Very little stop and go. That’s definitely what I hate most about football. I get distracted easily so without the stop and go, I stay interested.

On a totally separate note, I adore the single rose that bloomed in my front yard this week. I literally stop and smell the roses several times a day now.

Stay tuned guys. I’ve got a couple of projects up my sleeve coming soon.


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