Down Shannon Lane Style

I love wearing lots of accessories. I fill my closet with plain, solid-colored clothes so I can constantly boost a boring outfit with the pop of a fun accessory. Whether it’s with a  beautifully patterned scarf, eye-catching necklace, or a bright pair of sunglasses, I love dressing up with a pop of color. Come to think of it, I always have.

Want to see how much (or little) my style has evolved since age 4?

Recently I discovered how much fun it is to accessorize colored jeans, so when I found a pair of pink colored jeans on sale for $8 last week I couldn’t pass them up! (Sorry for the bad photos. I only had my phone but I had to take my pictures in my parent’s gorgeaous backyard.)

And of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to accessorize with my turquoise sunglasses and a patterned scarf with pops of turquoise and pink.

Outfit Breakdown

  • Pink Jeans: Kohl’s (on sale for 85% off)
  • Jean Jacket: Gap (bought it in high school)
  • Scarf: Target (on sale for 75% off)
  • White T-Shirt: Target (7 shirts for $5)
  • Turquoise Sunglasses: Target




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