My Quirky Kitten

It has been 17 years since I have had a kitten. I had forgotten, or, rather, I didn’t remember how quirky, noisy, demanding, playful, cuddly, and amazing these tiny creatures could be. Butters days are filled with galloping around the house pouncing on dust particles, falling asleep wherever she happens to land, and an intense desire to be fed every 12 hours on the dot. The introduction of pesky fleas to our lives a couple of weeks ago forced me to throw out her beloved Kitty bed which she stole away from Japhy. She was very upset because she loved it so much.

So this week I decided to make her something new to cuddle on. Read on to see what I made using things I had on hand.

I didn’t want to spend any money on this project so I chose two patterns from my “bought on sale” fabric stock pile. The animals were obviously very helpful.

I decided to challenge myself with a box pillow. So I cut my two complimentary fabrics to size and set to work.

Yes, the dimensions are weird but I didn’t want to waste any fabric so I just cut my floral fabric in half and used the entire piece.

This project was very easy to sew. The most essential requirement was keeping the excess fabric out of the way on my sewing machine.

Once I sewed all the sides, I began to stuff the pillow. Butters was very interested in the stuffing.

Now that the pillow is all done, want to know what the pets think? Well, I think this picture speaks for itself. I had no sooner finished sewing when she climbed in the middle of the pillow and curled up.

The fabric isn’t my favorite but any project that keeps money in my pocket is fine by me!


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