Budgeting and saving is so important which is why I DIY. Since our big move, I have been forced to watch my spending more closely and it has actually proven to be very easy. I am a very calculated money spender in the first place. I only choose to spend my money on things that are very necessary. The problem is that everyone defines “necessary items” in different ways. I define them as bills and rent. After that I allot $50 each month for frivolous spending. But I prefer to spend $0! So when I had a curtain conundrum this weekend, rather than spend money on new ones. I shuffled around curtains I already had to save some money!

First of all, this stroke of genius was fueled by a car full of free stuff. A family friend, Karen, decided to clean out unwanted things at her house and she gave it all to me. Check out my loot.

Want to see how my switcheroo took place?

When I arrived home from her house, I quickly unpacked my car and surveyed the loot. I ended up with a couple of her paintings (she is an artist), two large pillows, office supplies, a couple of baskets, food (her husband is cutting all carbs), two rugs, two vases, bubbles, dishes, kitchen gadgets, Christmas decorations, seven grocery sacks of books, and a couple miscellaneous items. My favorite way to constantly update and redecorate my house is through shuffling around my decorative stuff for a fresh new look. So with a tentative plan in my head, I set to work decorating!

The kitchen wall next to the stove has been empty since we moved in. I wasn’t sure what to put there so I’ve been contemplating it for a couple of months and a car full of stuff helped me finally make a decision! I placed a small table that had been in our kitchen in our last house against the wall, hung a picture frame and bulletin board, and placed a large basket and rug Karen gave me under the table.

Butters hurriedly claimed the large basket for her afternoon nap time.

It’s such a simple fix that makes a nice impact in the kitchen. The pictures that I hung were relocated with the arrival of my new paintings from Karen. And I made the chalkboard frame a couple of months ago. In this house, instead of using it for grocery lists and reminders I decided to write something uplifting on it.

Such a simple statement that brings a nice impact to my galley kitchen.

The final phase to my swicheroo project involved a curtain switch. David has an overnight position so he depends on sleeping during the day. Lately, he is having issues getting the healthy REM-sleep that he needs. So rather than buying new curtains, I decided to trade all of my current curtains around. To start with, I had red curtains in the kitchen and beige curtains in the master bedroom.

After the trade, I am loving the way the rich color brightens up the bedroom. I also enjoy the way the sun is blocked out in the morning so that David can get some quality sleep during the day! The dog is clearly pleased about it as well.

I think the light colored curtains allow the black and white tile in the kitchen to pop.

In the kitchen, I only used two of my four panels which allowed me to add curtains in another room. So I needed to put up a new curtain rod in the living room. My surefire way to avoid a mess when drilling is by placing a piece of tape under where I’ll be drilling to catch the sawdust. In five quick minutes my curtains were hung and my redecorating was done.

I love all the easy updates that only took me around an hour to complete! Plus I spent no money! Next time your house looks too stale, consider moving around things you already have. It’s a great way to prevent silly waste and it gives you a chance to showcase the items you already own and love.


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