It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The conclusion of Thanksgiving means the beginning of Christmas, which is by far my favorite holiday to decorate for. I mean, if you don’t love Christmas decorations then you are crazy. Twinkling lights, a tall tree adorned with treasured ornaments, red and green (the best complimentary color combination in my opinion) everywhere, snowmen, and more. Per my household’s tradition, we pulled out all of our boxes of Christmas decorations appropriately after Thanksgiving, cooked up some delicious appetizers, invited our friends over, and spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating the house.

Want to see how everything turned out?

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My Thanksgiving

To me, Thanksgiving is about gathering with others to appreciate what we’ve been given. We come together to enjoy something that everyone can agree on, food.

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When Inspiration Comes

Lately I have been hitting an idea wall. There are so many projects that I would love to work on but my indecisive brain is having issues in making a final decision. My biggest project? An office redo. My problem? Too many choices. My inspiration?

More on that later.

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Carefree Day

Sometimes, I force myself to drop all responsibilities in order to take the time to enjoy a carefree day. When I was a kid, carefree days happened almost everyday. I grew up on a non-working farm, 50 acres of never-ending exploration. My brother and I frequently spent our days searching for frogs in the ponds, climbing and jumping between hay bales in the fields, pretending to drive all the equipment in the barn, and playing with our pet sheep, donkeys, and cats. Yeah, we had odd pets. Now that I’ve grown to adulthood, I relish those carefree days. I rarely get the chance to wake up with nothing planned for the day. A day purely filled with exploration, relaxation, playtime, education, and much more. Last weekend, I had that day. I laid around in the morning, played in the backyard with my puppy, and then headed to the park with my best friends for an adventure!

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Goodbye Fall

Last Saturday, autumn spat out one more glorious day as it hung onto the last vestiges of the season. Nearly everyone in our neck of the woods took the opportunity to spend their last full day outside without having to wear a puffy coat. Unfortunately, on Sunday, mother nature ushered in low temperatures and rain-filled clouds. Winter, we begrudgingly welcome you as we say goodbye to days spent bare foot, barbecues, and more than 12 hours of sunshine in a day. In order to properly say goodbye, we gladly joined the masses by spending the day outdoors. First up, raking…

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Reflection Results

At 24, I would say that my life is peppered with wonderful unpredictability. My career is budding, I rent my home so that relocation is always a possibility, I prefer to make decisions on a whim, and I am happy. Currently, the only stresses in my life are related to the disorganized state of my house at the end of each day, the weekend forecast, or tomorrow’s tentative schedule forming in my head. I make enough money to support my “tiny” family and myself, I rent an adorable house filled with character, and, most importantly, I am extremely happy with the people (and four-legged) creatures in my life.

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How To Organize Your Photos Digitally

When I was asked to scan old family slides for a family friend recently, it got me thinking about how I have preserved my family photos. My mom did a great job of organizing and preserving photos from throughout my childhood in scrapbooks. She did the same for her parents photos which is exactly what I was hoping for when I set out on this project.

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Holiday Traditions

My favorite part about holidays is celebrating the traditions that surround them. Halloween is of course one of those holidays. I love Halloween because it cues the middle of Fall, it’s gorgeous outside, dressing up in ridiculous costumes is socially acceptable, you’re allowed to knock an anyone’s door to demand candy, and it’s popular to cut up an orange fruit to house a lit candle. Throughout the years I have celebrated this holiday in style. I’ve had some pretty awesome costumes over the years…

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