Holiday Traditions

My favorite part about holidays is celebrating the traditions that surround them. Halloween is of course one of those holidays. I love Halloween because it cues the middle of Fall, it’s gorgeous outside, dressing up in ridiculous costumes is socially acceptable, you’re allowed to knock an anyone’s door to demand candy, and it’s popular to cut up an orange fruit to house a lit candle. Throughout the years I have celebrated this holiday in style. I’ve had some pretty awesome costumes over the years…

So, now that I’m too old to dress up to trick or treat and I exhausted the slutty costume phase in college, I enjoy other traditions. David and I celebrate the holiday by carving pumpkins! Since moving in together, we have created many of our own holiday traditions together and this is probably my favorite one. Our first year, we celebrated with our tiny, new puppy. David made a goofy face and I created a Harry Potter pumpkin.

This year we celebrated with our little kitten.

David likes to carve in ridiculously happy faces.

He exhibits such intense concentration when he designs and carves.

I decided to carve the puppy and kitty into my pumpkin. Japhy was loving the idea when he saw the pumpkin form of himself.

Once they were carved, we delicately placed our pumpkins on the stoop to welcome our Trick or Treaters.

Now Halloween is over and we are ready to prepare for Thanksgiving, the mother of all traditional holidays. I can’t wait!


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