Reflection Results

At 24, I would say that my life is peppered with wonderful unpredictability. My career is budding, I rent my home so that relocation is always a possibility, I prefer to make decisions on a whim, and I am happy. Currently, the only stresses in my life are related to the disorganized state of my house at the end of each day, the weekend forecast, or tomorrow’s tentative schedule forming in my head. I make enough money to support my “tiny” family and myself, I rent an adorable house filled with character, and, most importantly, I am extremely happy with the people (and four-legged) creatures in my life.

The bulk of my days are filled with working a dismal 9 to 5 desk job and thanks to a family friend, Karen, I return home to a myriad of random tasks to complete. My most recent Karen project undertaking involves 200 books that are in need of a new home and a list of hundreds of addresses waiting to be organized before it’s time to send her Christmas card. Accommodating the rest, cleaning, exercising, puppy/kitty playtime, photography projects, leisurely reading, Netflix time, blog stuff, boyfriend time, and relaxation, narrowly fits its way into the rest of my life. In other words, if it’s not clear, I prefer to be kept busy.

Luckily, I naturally maintain a very relaxed demeanor. After spending a good deal of my childhood and college years stressing about things that were beyond my control, I adopted a Zen attitude about life. Before college, I deceived myself into thinking that my life would fall into place once I received that diploma. Since college, I have learned that that certainly isn’t true and it isn’t a bad thing. Success must be earned to be truly appreciated. Yes, it would be amazingly nice to have scored my dream job out of college but I don’t believe that the position of home design magazine editor/writer/nature photographer/designer/event planner/media extraordinaire exists, let alone in the current job climate.

Could I be a graphic designer?

I’m still not quite sure. So at this moment in my life, in addition to my long, long daily to-do list, I have chosen to reflect. I have chosen to reflect on the life that I am currently leading. What facets am I happy about? What interests have never ceased to disappear as I’ve aged? What about my current job? Should I go back to school? Are there any hobbies I would to explore further? Indeed, it is a time of reflection and I am seizing the day.  I am ready to make my mark on this world. So, in deference to the recent political climate, stay tuned for my reflection results.


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