Goodbye Fall

Last Saturday, autumn spat out one more glorious day as it hung onto the last vestiges of the season. Nearly everyone in our neck of the woods took the opportunity to spend their last full day outside without having to wear a puffy coat. Unfortunately, on Sunday, mother nature ushered in low temperatures and rain-filled clouds. Winter, we begrudgingly welcome you as we say goodbye to days spent bare foot, barbecues, and more than 12 hours of sunshine in a day. In order to properly say goodbye, we gladly joined the masses by spending the day outdoors. First up, raking…

Full to the brim, it felt like our yard had claimed all the leaves in the neighborhood. And it had. At least, all the leaves from our immediate neighbors yards. Luckily we managed to enjoy ourselves as we ran out of breath. Raking is seriously a tiring chore.

When we’re outside Butters dons Japhy’s leash to aid in her retrieval when she finds herself up a tree and terrified of all surroundings.

Our small 800 square foot is situated on a quarter of an acre lot. Small for most but perfect for us. From the back, our house is almost comically small compared to its yard. On Saturday, I had never seen our massive yard look so big until we were nearly done.

Tune in later this week for the rundown of the rest of my Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Fall

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