When Inspiration Comes

Lately I have been hitting an idea wall. There are so many projects that I would love to work on but my indecisive brain is having issues in making a final decision. My biggest project? An office redo. My problem? Too many choices. My inspiration?

More on that later.

Here is where my inspiration above stemmed.

Bright colors make me feel inspired and happy. The beautiful accessories in each room above keeps these spaces organized. My office is doing double time as an office and guest room so I have the task of making it fun and bright without being overwhelmingly bright or cluttered to those sleeping in the room. Since the big move, I had never nailed down a solid decoration plan for this room. Because most of my time is now spent working from home, I decided that it was time to decorate the room. Plus I was given a new desk and 30, count ’em 30, grocery sacks of books from my dear family friend, KWS, who keeps me oh so busy. So my first task was to clean up my beautiful future office/guest room.

In order to get to my dream room, the 30 bags of books had to go to the basement until I can sell them. After keeping several for myself, I shipped them to the basement with the old desk…

and moved in the new 9-foot long desk! I also removed all my posters and paintings from the walls. Finally, I rearranged all of my decorative items throughout the house so that I could brainstorm with a clean slate.

Now, all of the furniture is arranged adequately and I have all the accessories I need but I am going to do some DIY projects with some of my current items.

Using the bright, colorful offices pictured at the top of my post as inspiration, I created this board featuring my design choices for the room:

  1. Bright frames featuring paintings by my family friend, KWS.
  2. Fabric to recover chair & for DIY roman shades.
  3. Custom fabric covered bulletin board to hang above the desk.
  4. Bright yellow lamps.
  5. My current shelves will be adorned with accessories & books.
  6. Painted vases to accessorize the desk.
  7. Brightly patterned pillows for the bed.
  8. A bright colored fabric & new paint job to breath new life into the chair.
  9. A beautiful neutral fabric to recover my current storage ottoman.

I am beyond excited to get to work on this fun project. Stay tuned to see how the room unfolds.


2 thoughts on “When Inspiration Comes

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