It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The conclusion of Thanksgiving means the beginning of Christmas, which is by far my favorite holiday to decorate for. I mean, if you don’t love Christmas decorations then you are crazy. Twinkling lights, a tall tree adorned with treasured ornaments, red and green (the best complimentary color combination in my opinion) everywhere, snowmen, and more. Per my household’s tradition, we pulled out all of our boxes of Christmas decorations appropriately after Thanksgiving, cooked up some delicious appetizers, invited our friends over, and spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating the house.

Want to see how everything turned out?

Our Christmas tree is typically haphazard with random ornaments. When I started decorating my own Christmas tree in college, I began collecting castoff ornaments from my mom’s house. The, rather interesting, collection includes kitty ornaments, colored bobbles, Lion King ornaments, and many more sentimentally silly ornaments. They may be weird but they are sentimental and that means much more to me than a matchy Christmas tree.

This is our first Christmas with a kitten so I took a few precautions to avoid our decorations being destroyed by a curious little kitten. We use a fake tree, so I tightly secured into the base during setup. I set up the tree a day before we decorated giving her time to explore the area with no ornaments. Then when we hung ornaments, we left the bottom 6 to 8 inches of the tree free for my fabric ornaments  and hung the breakables securely near the top. At first she was like a jungle cat discovering new territory but now her interest in doing anything but nap under the tree and stare at it has weened.

In our household, Christmas also means the appearance of our elf hat. I made it for Japhy for our first family Christmas picture two years ago….

And it has made its return to adorn Butters’ tiny head this year. She is indifferently tolerant of the hat and Japhy is ecstatic that it doesn’t fit him anymore.

For the outside of the house, we went with large bulb lights to pair with the character of our 1950s house.

How do you decorate your home for Christmas?


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