Home Office/Guest Bedroom Reveal

I am happy to announce that I finally finished redecorating my office before Christmas! Earlier this month, I was encouraged to redecorate my own office when I was given a beautiful 8-foot-long desk and began working from home. So with a bright color palette in mind, $50 in my pocket, and great furniture that I already owned, I set out to redecorate my room.


Keep reading to see how the room turned out and take a look at my final budget.

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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I enjoy being busy but this time of year, as most of you personally know, is extra crazy. So, when last Friday rolled around and I had finished all my shopping, cleaned the house, dropped my Christmas cards in the mail, and wrapped all my presents I couldn’t believe it! Being one that cannot relax I decided to fill my time by making some fun ornaments to add to my gifts this year.


Do you want to learn how I made this adorable ornament?

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.

IMG_7753_2 IMG_7770 IMG_7781

Colorful Pillows

The last project to complete my newly decorated office was to make new colorful pillows for the twin bed. Using the rest of the fabric from my other projects I made 5 bold, colorful pillows that seriously make me smile every time I look into the room.


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Handmade Christmas Stockings

My favorite part about Christmas is the tradition surrounding the holiday. It’s about family, eating good food, finding the perfect gift for the people close to you, receiving thoughtful gifts, Christmas cards, watching Christmas Vacation, going to my grandparent’s on Christmas Eve, and much more. With all the commercialization surrounding the holidays, sometimes it’s hard to remember these traditions.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the hanging of stockings on the mantel. The tradition of Christmas stockings came about a very, very long ago surrounding the charity of Nikolaos the Wonderworker otherwise known as Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. Children would hang their socks from the mantel and eagerly wait for Saint Nicholas to fill them with candy, toys, or gold. In my family, we have knitted stockings made by my grandmother. So, when I decided to update David and my lame stockings I knew it had to be with handmade stockings that are personal to both us.


Read on to see how my handmade stockings turned out…

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DIY Valance Curtains

An integral step in redecorating my new office is window treatments. If you remember, last week I re-upholstered my desk chair with a grey and white striped fabric that I bought for 20% off in a remnant pile. Knowing that I didn’t want to make full curtains, I was inspired by YoungHouseLove’s posts about making valance curtains here and here to make my own valance curtains in under an hour.


Check out what I made.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Date Night

We have both been working so hard on projects lately so we were overjoyed when we realized we both had the night off and time to focus on ourselves. So we planned a stay-in date night perfect for the both of us. We bought pork tenderloins on sale for $5 at the store so we dressed up, spent $10 on dinner, and rented a redbox movie for a cheap, but fun, date night.


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I’m A Film Camera Nerd

I am obsessed with taking photos with my Pop’s old Pentax K1000. Recently I developed some film from Fourth of July through the big move. I love the anticipation of seeing these photos once they’re developed and this bunch of photos did not disappoint. It managed to capture some fairly awesome moments.

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Pops of Fabric

The color scheme that I had in mind when I first envisioned my office featured bright, solid colors with a white trim. So, yesterday I revealed that I had painted a desk chair, six frames, and two candlesticks. Today, to accent the crisp, white frames and chair I painted, I decided to find brightly covered fabric to use as art, a bulletin board, and a re-upholstered chair. Two trips to Hobby Lobby and the FM Store later, I had five (I already owned three) new fabric swatches for only 25 smackeroos.


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A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

Phase one of my office update started with white paint. As I illustrated below, my redecorated office features bright colors with a white background or as an accent. So with my ideas in mind and my white paint purchased, I set out on DIY extravaganza that’s going to have a huge impact on my room design. Now what is getting a white makeover? A lamp, six frames, two candlesticks, and a desk chair. So with all the stuff I needed I began to get started and my mood board vision came to life.


Read on to see all of the projects that I completed for on a $15 budget.

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