Pops of Fabric

The color scheme that I had in mind when I first envisioned my office featured bright, solid colors with a white trim. So, yesterday I revealed that I had painted a desk chair, six frames, and two candlesticks. Today, to accent the crisp, white frames and chair I painted, I decided to find brightly covered fabric to use as art, a bulletin board, and a re-upholstered chair. Two trips to Hobby Lobby and the FM Store later, I had five (I already owned three) new fabric swatches for only 25 smackeroos.


My first project is the seat of the chair. I found a grey and white striped fabric in the remnant pile for only $5 a yard. I love the fabric because it is thick upholstery fabric, it is a great plain pattern with a pop of color, and it is going to give my white chair the oomph it needs to finish off this easy project. I bought almost 3 yards and I only need a quarter of a yard for my re-upholstering project, so I have big plans for the rest.


This is the third time that the chair is being re-upholstered. Check out its past lives.


With my fabric chosen, I borrowed my grandpa’s staple gun and got to work.


Re-upholstering small projects is super easy. All it takes is proper measurement and a staple gun.

IMG_7548Through careful planning, I was able to get my fabric straight down the middle. And it looks great!


For desktop organization, I used mod podge and fabric to pizazz an empty stationery box that I saved when I re-organized my stationery. The project is simple. I cut my fabric to size then mod podged it on and filled it with my favorite colorful sharpies.


One of my last items waiting for a facelift was the $1 frame I bought at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore that I planned to turn into a bulletin board.


To make my bulletin board, I picked up a brightly patterned fabric for $3 at Hobby Lobby plus a roll of cork board for 50% off. I cut out a piece of cork and a piece of my fabric then taped it around the matte that came with the frame in about 10 minutes.


I enjoy perusing the wonderful world of Pinterest as much as the next guy but I love having a thing to devote to inspiration and creativity hanging in my own house rather than just in my computer. It’ll take no time for this board to be chock full of stuff that inspiresme.

IMG_7502I used the rest of my fabric to cover my old DIY Art Canvases and this teenage photo of my mother is getting a frame paint job and content upgrade.


I cut my fabric to size then taped it around the canvas to hang on the wall in no time.



For the frame, I took out the photo of my mother, painted the frame with my Valspar spray paint, and put a bright yellow fabric behind the glass.


My last project was to frame some art by a local artist, family friend, boss, other mother, KWS. These are four of the six frames that I painted white.

IMG_7504 IMG_7505


IMG_7581IMG_7582I love, love, love how everything looks. I especially love that all the projects can easily be updated or changed to keep the space inspiring. This is just Phase 2 in my Office Redecoration Project. So hang in there to see how the space continues to transform. Next week’s projects are inspired by the colorful, fun home office space in the picture below.

Colorful Room


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