Handmade Christmas Stockings

My favorite part about Christmas is the tradition surrounding the holiday. It’s about family, eating good food, finding the perfect gift for the people close to you, receiving thoughtful gifts, Christmas cards, watching Christmas Vacation, going to my grandparent’s on Christmas Eve, and much more. With all the commercialization surrounding the holidays, sometimes it’s hard to remember these traditions.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the hanging of stockings on the mantel. The tradition of Christmas stockings came about a very, very long ago surrounding the charity of Nikolaos the Wonderworker otherwise known as Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. Children would hang their socks from the mantel and eagerly wait for Saint Nicholas to fill them with candy, toys, or gold. In my family, we have knitted stockings made by my grandmother. So, when I decided to update David and my lame stockings I knew it had to be with handmade stockings that are personal to both us.


Read on to see how my handmade stockings turned out…

Last year, my brother’s girlfriend made us this lovely beaded stocking for Japhy so I decided to use it as inspiration and make larger ones for David and I.


Luckily all my supplies were 50% off at Hobby Lobby so I only spent $6 on beads, felt, and thread. With all my supplies ready I got to work.



I chose to stick to Christmas colors. David asked for a snowman on his and I decided on snowflakes. This project takes patience and precise cuts. Making the snowflakes took a decent amount of time but I was determined to create beautiful, unique snowflakes so I put the time in.

IMG_7693I bought a random assortment of christmas-colored beads for this project and I love the ones I picked..

IMG_7697IMG_7695IMG_7698It took a decent amount of time to finish both stockings but I love how they turned out. I still need to add our names and I’m searching for special sequins to pizazz the snowman but I’m happy with the way they look already.


They are much better than our old, tiny, boring stockings.


In the midst of my stocking-making, I also cut some tiny snowflakes out to decorate the bay window.


I love how adorable this house looks when decorated for Christmas. The character of the house accents our hodge podge of decorations very well. The animals love it too! Notice the tiny kitty underneath the tree.


Happy Holidays!


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