Colorful Pillows

The last project to complete my newly decorated office was to make new colorful pillows for the twin bed. Using the rest of the fabric from my other projects I made 5 bold, colorful pillows that seriously make me smile every time I look into the room.


Unfortunately I only took one “during” photo while I completed this project. It is a photo of the construction of the small yellow pillow. I didn’t have enough yellow fabric to cover the entire pillow so I used two pieces of the teal fabric (the fabric I used to cover a bulletin board) to piece together the pillow.



The green one is also reversible. So, I can change the color scheme based on my mood.


Plain, square pillows are so easy to make. All you have to do is cut two pieces of fabric, place them facing each other, sew around 3.5 edges, turn it right side out, stuff with your pillow form and enjoy!


My pets are taking care of the “enjoy” part for me.




Tune in on Friday to see my full office reveal! See how all the projects that I planned through my inspiration board turned out!



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