DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I enjoy being busy but this time of year, as most of you personally know, is extra crazy. So, when last Friday rolled around and I had finished all my shopping, cleaned the house, dropped my Christmas cards in the mail, and wrapped all my presents I couldn’t believe it! Being one that cannot relax I decided to fill my time by making some fun ornaments to add to my gifts this year.


Do you want to learn how I made this adorable ornament?

I was inspired by a similar ornament that I saw at Pier One Imports (pictured below) that cost $6. I planned to make 6 ornaments and I didn’t want to spend nearly $40 so I snapped a pic at the store, gathered my supplies (leftover felt from my DIY Christmas stockings), and came up with my own version!

1214122029 First, I cut all of my felt into squares ranging in size from 3 inches to 0.5 inches.

IMG_7916Obviously I wanted to stick with green for my trees but I decided to cut squares out of my white and red felt for some added color.


Once all of my squares were cut out, I stacked them up, tied my thread to a couple of bells and sewed right through the middle of the stack of felt starting at the bottom. You can see one of my stacks of felt in the bottom of the picture above and there are a couple of ornaments in the top left. Unfortunately, my sewing required two hands so I was unable to take any “during” pictures.


Once I had sewn through all of my stacks of felt, I added some ribbon to hang it on the tree. Then I pulled out the beads from my Christmas Stocking project and superglued them onto the tree as little ornaments. It took no time for them to dry and they were all ready to hang on the tree!


They are also a great way to decorate a present!


This awesome project turned out great and it barely broke the bank. Check out how little I spent.

DIY Tree Ornament Cost Breakdown:

  • Leftover Felt – Already owned, purchased for my stockings for $2
  • Beads – Already owned, purchased for my stockings for $1.50
  • Bells – Already owned, purchased years and years ago
  • Ribbon – $1.27

So this project rang in at $4.77. I made 6 ornaments so each ornament only cost about $0.80 each! I wouldn’t have been able to purchase even one ornament at Pier One for $4.77!

And now that most of my gifts have been given, I can happily say that everybody loved them!



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