Home Office/Guest Bedroom Reveal

I am happy to announce that I finally finished redecorating my office before Christmas! Earlier this month, I was encouraged to redecorate my own office when I was given a beautiful 8-foot-long desk and began working from home. So with a bright color palette in mind, $50 in my pocket, and great furniture that I already owned, I set out to redecorate my room.


Keep reading to see how the room turned out and take a look at my final budget.

Here is how the room looked when we moved into this house in August.

IMG_5433 IMG_5434 IMG_5436

When I looked at this room, I liked the furniture but the decorations were all bland. The room had no character or strict theme except that it held everything that didn’t fit in the main area of the house. Because I’m a renter repainting the walls was not in the cards but I was able to shuffle around my books and accessories which is an easy, cheap project. Luckily, I already owned many of the supplies that I wanted to use so with my challenge in mind soI set out to DIY my way to a beautiful, inviting space that would be used to inspire creativity as a home office, versatility and comfort as a guest room, and maintain organization to complete the requirements of housing my closet, confidential papers, office supplies, sewing supplies, books, and movies. Somehow I managed to complete that daunting task and I am very pleased with my finished space.


IMG_7848 IMG_7859 IMG_7873 IMG_7874

All it took to redecorate my home office/guest room was a couple of simple projects including a DIY Fabric-Covered Bulletin BoardHandmade Colorful PillowsRefinishing a Desk ChairPainted JarsDIY Valance Curtains, and Fabric-Covered  Canvases.

IMG_7876IMG_7897 IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7911IMG_7869IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7885 IMG_7887

Home Office Redecoration Cost Breakdown:

  • Fabric: 5 yards for $18
  • Bulletin Board Frame: $2 (from Habitat for Humanity ReStore)
  • Cork: $3 (for the bulletin board)
  • Yellow Chevron Frame: Free (found in my grandma’s closet)
  • Canvases: Already owned
  • Lampshade: $12 (Lowes)
  • Picture Frames: Already Owned
  • Curtain Rods: $5
  • Printer, Scanner, and Desk: Received from a family friend
  • Paint: $3
  • Total = $43!

I rang in at under $50! $43 is a very reasonable price for the number of projects I was able to complete. Most of the supplies I already owned and after all the projects that went into completing this room I am left with a myriad of supplies ready to be used for even more projects. Check out my original inspiration board below!



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