Down Shannon Lane Style: Complimentary Colors


Art was always my favorite class in school because it gave me the chance to wind down, relax, and create in silence. Yes, the teacher often had lessons planned or new techniques to teach us but the time was most often filled by creating. I still enjoy creating art through my DIY projects, decorating my house, and getting dressed in the morning. So today, when I was getting ready, I decided to use the principles that I learned from the color wheel in art class oh so long ago.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Coat


I’ve always loved to find signature pieces of clothing that are made well and will last a long time, which is probably why until a couple of months ago nearly half of my closet was filled with clothes I purchased in high school. So, thanks to my mom and her love of Talbots shopping sprees, I recently started updating my wardrobe with adult pieces that would last a long time and I just added something new to my closet.

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The Race to my First DSLR Camera


Not surprisingly, my interest in photography has turned from mild to obsessed! Last May, when my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000, I couldn’t wait to learn all about photography. I immediately began researching how to use the old film camera including all the technical terms, the number’s, and the art of taking a decent photo. Now, several rolls of “practice” film later, my piqued interest has turned into love.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Day Outfit


It was perfect sweater and scarf weather last weekend and I couldn’t wait to soak it up with my best pal. The temperature was in the mid 50’s and the wind was January gusty but despite all of that the sun was shining so I put together an outfit that would keep me warm enough to spend the whole day outside but light enough to keep me cool in the warm sun. This meant a maroon silk shirt, a tan sweater, a beautiful silk scarf, and comfy walking shoes for a perfect afternoon out.

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2013 Printable Wall Calendar


A new year means a new calendar! I never find a themed calendar that I enjoy so I typically don’t have one in my house. But I think being aware of each day’s date is important so for the first time I decided to design my own calendar!

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I Made The Leap

It was just a year ago that I decided to honor the only New Year’s Resolution that I’ve ever made by starting a blog. My boyfriend, David, and I talked often about needing a creative outlet for our passions, baseball and DIY respectively. So, making a joint New Year’s Resolution, we both took the plunge into the blogging world! Needless to say both of us are very happy. David’s blog, TheCutoffMan, managed to finish the year on the Top 100 MLB Blogs List and I could not be prouder. I managed to find a little niche in this blog world with a following of readers and I can’t wait to continue this year with my own domain name,!

So, to start off the year, I have a few goals to work on.

  1. Delve even more into the world of photography with a DSLR camera. (Saving up for one!)
  2. Add more mature pieces to my wardrobe throughout the year.
  3. Stick to regular posting schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.
  4. Start writing regular, weekly themed posts.
  5. Share more.

So stick around to see what I come up with. Thanks for reading in 2012! See you soon Down Shannon Lane!


DSL Style 01.16.13


Last Friday in my neck of the woods was beautiful, warm and 66 degress so I took advantage of the beautiful weather and threw on this cute outfit for a January walk. A couple of weeks ago, I paired this cardigan with a silk blue shirt and black jeans to create a casual work outfit. Its beautiful ivory color with lace embellishments perfectly dresses up any outfit. I actually wore this ensemble to work the other day and it was perfect. The office tends fluctuate in temperature so I light shirt paired with a warm cardigan powers through cold mornings and warn afternoons.

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Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thanks to Michael Terrazas for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.


This is the first blog award that I have been given and I am so excited about it! The award was created to remind bloggers that they are also readers of all blogs as well. And appreciation within this community of readers is very important.

The rules specify that recipients of the award are to nominate 14 other blogs. So I decided to spotlight some of my amazing followers. Check them out below!

My Nominees:

  1. TheCutoffMan – Written by my baseball loving boyfriend.
  2. laurapavin
  3. Gen Y Girl
  4. Charm City Creative Designs
  5. CultFit
  6. LadyRomp
  8. Coco J. Ginger Says
  9. Victoriablt
  10. Black Helios
  11. Sweet Little Thang
  12. Canadian Hiking Photography
  13. Prego and the Loon
  14. Honestlyb

Family Photobook

For Christmas this year, I decided to give everyone sentimental gifts. Earlier this year I wrote a post about preserving family photos digitally. Well I was working on that project not only because it’s important to preserve family photos and genealogy but because I was designing a photobook to give to my family members for Christmas. I completed the project using MyPublisher because I recently ordered a book from them and I absolutely love how beautiful their books are and the sales that they offer making them very affordable for a fantastic product. IMG_8110 IMG_8114Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote MyPublisher. I simply love their product! Continue reading

A (Slightly) New Look

So you may notice that I’ve changed up my blog just a little bit. I decided to update my header with a compilation of photos from my favorite posts. It’s a new year and I will soon celebrate one year of blogging so a change was definitely in order. Along with the style change, I’m going to start several series of posts soon. So look out for all of the changes!