Down Shannon Lane Style: Casual Work Outfit

When I was hired at my new job my first question was about the dress code. My first day on the job I was given a couple of company t-shirts to wear to work but at least once a week I like to dress professionally. In an effort to not dress way fancier than the rest of the office, I like to throw on a cute sweater with a nice shirt, a colorful necklace, my black jeans, and my plaid converse shoes.


Lucky for me, my mom gave me some adorable new sweaters for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to pair one of them with the satin blue shirt purchased on a Talbots shopping spree.


Not too fancy but not too “dressed down” either. The outfit is so perfectly me. Comfy and cute.


Outfit Breakdown:

  • White Sweater: Talbots (Christmas gift from Mom)
  • Blue Shirt: Talbots (bought for 1,000% off. Okay, not that cheap but awesomely on sale.)
  • Black Jeans: Target ($20)
  • Colorful Necklace: Handmade in Africa (Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s mother whose niece purchased it in Africa)



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