The Winter Blues

Winter has taken over and with it has come cold wind, hard ground, bare trees, brown grass, morning frost, and grey skies. Although I actually enjoy winter, I am the type of weirdo that loves being cold, I don’t like that it’s so hard to anticipate the next day’s forecast. It’s cold one day, sunny the next, warm one day, grey and yucky the next. Needless to say no matter how indecisive Mother Nature is, especially in Missouri, we all typically have to stay inside. So, in our house to keep entertained during the winter we like to work on a puzzle.

IMG_7992 IMG_7989

I picked this one up at Barnes & Noble in the 50% off Christmas sale pile. I’m pretty sure the sales clerk thought I was crazy for purchasing such an intricate 1,000 piece puzzle. It’s going to take a month to finish this doozy. Hang in there the rest of the month to see how it’ll look when finished.


On another note, I did a little rearranging after I took down all of the Christmas decorations last week. The Christmas tree had replaced my DIY Mosaic Table but I thought the white trim on the table would greatly compliment the white trim and white accents in my newly decorated home office instead and I was right!

IMG_7972The small table works perfectly with the color scheme of the office and the size is perfect for a lamp and a couple of decorative books. When I finished the table earlier in the year I had no idea where to put it so I placed it in the bay window in the living room for the time being. Well apparently I just needed to stare at it for a couple of months before finding it a new home.

IMG_7974 IMG_7978


My little kitten seems to think that I placed the lamp here so that she could roast in its warmth just like a turtle. She is a goofball.


Happy Monday! See you Wednesday down Shannon Lane!


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