My BirchBox!

Every Christmas my dad’s side of the family exchanges gifts secret santa style instead of giving everyone gifts, except it’s not a secret because we’re bad at keeping those. My step mom posits that it gives us all the advantage of thinking of that one person year-round. I love it because it takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift for everyone and gives me the chance to find the perfect gift for that one family member. So, this last Christmas my step sister and I pulled each other’s names and she definitely achieved the perfect gift for me! It combines snail mail, surprise, and fun girly products! Sounds great huh? It’s called a BirchBox.

IMG_8042Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote BirchBox. I simply think that it’s an awesome product!

So, for a little bit of explanation, BirchBox offers people the chance to try out beauty products every month through snail mail. So every month (during my 3 month subscription that she gave me), I get one of these pretty little boxes with all kinds of fun products! Who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail especially when it contains perfume, shampoo, nail polish, accessories, etc? So when my BirchBox arrived today I could barely contain myself long enough to document opening it just for you guys!

IMG_8040 IMG_8041 IMG_8044Finally, here’s what came in this month’s box!


I am definitely “dumb” about beauty products so I love this perfect way to try out different stuff. Each box contains 5 samples and the full-size products can be purchased on their website.

This month’s box contains:

  • Aerie: Shimmer Fragrance
  • Embryolisse: 24-Hour Miracle Face Cream
  • Number 4: Clarifying Shampoo
  • theBalm: Blush and Highlighter
  • Deborah Lippman: Nail Polish Remover

IMG_8048 IMG_8054

I can’t wait until next month’s box arrives! Thanks to my step sister and little niece for this awesome Christmas gift!



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