Family Photobook

For Christmas this year, I decided to give everyone sentimental gifts. Earlier this year I wrote a post about preserving family photos digitally. Well I was working on that project not only because it’s important to preserve family photos and genealogy but because I was designing a photobook to give to my family members for Christmas. I completed the project using MyPublisher because I recently ordered a book from them and I absolutely love how beautiful their books are and the sales that they offer making them very affordable for a fantastic product. IMG_8110 IMG_8114Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote MyPublisher. I simply love their product! Well, the book turned out beautifully and it was a big hit at Christmas. We all spent the entire day looking at all the photos together, reliving great memories, listening to stories from my grandparents, making fun of our crazy 90’s outfits, passing down stories to my ten year old brother, and laughing. Here are my favorite spreads and photos from the finished book. IMG_8115 My amazing grandparents have been married for 62 years. They are basically the epitome of love and happiness. IMG_0008IMG_0014 My beautiful mother. IMG_0000 IMG_0002 My older brother was the cutest baby. IMG_0030 IMG_0014 IMG_0005 IMG_8125I was a pretty cute baby myself though. IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0004When I was fourteen, my mom and step-dad had a baby. I was so excited to have a baby brother and I love being a big sister.

IMG_8124 01Jan2003-00107July2006-080 11Nov2011-20I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.

I started the book with a simple saying centered around the patriarch and matriarch who created my family, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” And at the end? The perfect phrase to cap off a family photo book that spans 150 years. “And for the future. Happiness is what matters most.” IMG_8127


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