DSL Style 01.16.13


Last Friday in my neck of the woods was beautiful, warm and 66 degress so I took advantage of the beautiful weather and threw on this cute outfit for a January walk. A couple of weeks ago, I paired this cardigan with a silk blue shirt and black jeans to create a casual work outfit. Its beautiful ivory color with lace embellishments perfectly dresses up any outfit. I actually wore this ensemble to work the other day and it was perfect. The office tends fluctuate in temperature so I light shirt paired with a warm cardigan powers through cold mornings and warn afternoons.

Mr. Japhy was happy to be a part of my photo shoot. We have a very large backyard but he spent all of his time smiling for pictures. Such a smoozer.

IMG_8062 IMG_8074

I found the top at Talbots on an after-Christmas excursion with my mom. It was almost 60% off which sounded amazing to us. One of my college friend’s gave me the necklace after I wore it more than she ever had, twice. She had the best wardrobe which contained a crazy amount of dresses in all different style and colors, super cute jackets, and fun accessories that she picked up at thrift shops. I also inherited a few other random pieces from her closet over the years. I love the necklace because *ahem* it’s plastic but looks like glass beads.


This photo above might be the most badass photo I’ve ever taken. It at least rivals with the photo below. I was a way cool little kid.

IMG_0000_2 IMG_8068 IMG_8067 IMG_8067


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