I Made The Leap

It was just a year ago that I decided to honor the only New Year’s Resolution that I’ve ever made by starting a blog. My boyfriend, David, and I talked often about needing a creative outlet for our passions, baseball and DIY respectively. So, making a joint New Year’s Resolution, we both took the plunge into the blogging world! Needless to say both of us are very happy. David’s blog, TheCutoffMan, managed to finish the year on the Top 100 MLB Blogs List and I could not be prouder. I managed to find a little niche in this blog world with a following of readers and I can’t wait to continue this year with my own domain name, DownShannonLane.com!

So, to start off the year, I have a few goals to work on.

  1. Delve even more into the world of photography with a DSLR camera. (Saving up for one!)
  2. Add more mature pieces to my wardrobe throughout the year.
  3. Stick to regular posting schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.
  4. Start writing regular, weekly themed posts.
  5. Share more.

So stick around to see what I come up with. Thanks for reading in 2012! See you soon Down Shannon Lane!



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