Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Coat


I’ve always loved to find signature pieces of clothing that are made well and will last a long time, which is probably why until a couple of months ago nearly half of my closet was filled with clothes I purchased in high school. So, thanks to my mom and her love of Talbots shopping sprees, I recently started updating my wardrobe with adult pieces that would last a long time and I just added something new to my closet.

For a girl on a budget updating the wardrobe isn’t at the top of my list of expenditures, especially if you read my post on Wednesday in which I announced my DSLR camera dreams. I have three coats. Three because you never know what the weather is going to be like in Missouri. The first is an extra puffy Columbia coat, the second is a puffy downgrade but still warm, and the third is a pea coat that my grandma bought me for college.


The pea coat is my favorite but my broadening shoulders have been pushing me toward a Chris Farley moment any day now and as much as I love Tommy Boy, I definitely don’t want a “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” experience.

eGhyMWRsMTI=_o_fat-guy-in-a-little-coatSo after mentioning my coat issue to my mom she surprised me with a beautiful, black coat from Talbots. I know, I know, you guys probably don’t think that I shop anywhere else but we both have a bit of a Talbots sale addiction.


Let me tell you, I am in love with my new coat! Thanks mom! First off, it is long enough to cover my tushy (I’ve always liked that word), which is awesome. I went to college in Northeast Missouri, aka the land of gusty wind and freezing temperatures, where I often felt like a pilgrim leaning against the wind on the way to class and I must say that this coat would have been amazing in college. The interior of the coat is quilted making it super warm without having to be super thick which is nice because I totally can’t pull off the puffy coat look anymore. I definitely rocked it as a kid though.


Back to the point, the new coat looks excellent with my weird collection of hats and scarves. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day so I was overjoyed when I snagged this awesome breakfast scarf during my family’s White Elephant Christmas last year. To stick with the pops of yellow, I paired my silly scarf with a yellow knitted hat, made by a great aunt, that I claimed while playing around in my grandma’s closet a couple of year’s ago.


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Black Coat – Talbots
  • Breakfast Scarf – Etsy (Can’t find the shop)
  • Yellow Hat – Family Heirloom

Sorry for the black on black outfit today. Get ready for some more colorful outfits next week!


3 thoughts on “Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Coat

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  2. The sledding picture is adorable. I just bought a really similar Winter Coat for my little girl. She had a great time sledding in it the other day. It kept her warm, and we had gotten a great deal on it. It was about $30 less than I had seen it for in the department stores.

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