Down Shannon Lane Style: Complimentary Colors


Art was always my favorite class in school because it gave me the chance to wind down, relax, and create in silence. Yes, the teacher often had lessons planned or new techniques to teach us but the time was most often filled by creating. I still enjoy creating art through my DIY projects, decorating my house, and getting dressed in the morning. So today, when I was getting ready, I decided to use the principles that I learned from the color wheel in art class oh so long ago.


The color wheel. You learn all about it in elementary school art class. Red, yellow, & blue. All of these primary colors, when combined with another, create orange, green, and purple. Mix them all and you get brown. For this outfit, I decided to use the colors that are opposite on the color wheel, complimentary colors: blue & orange and black & white. And I think the combination turned out great! The orange necklace was a Christmas gift and it provides the perfect pop of color to go with the cardigan, which I’ve had since college. I also love the contrast of the spiky orange beads next to the very feminine lace top.

IMG_8104Outfit Breakdown:

  • Blue Cardigan: Target
  • Ivory Lace Top: Talbots
  • Black Jeans: Target
  • Orange Spiky Necklace: Christmas Gift

IMG_8102Lastly, here’s an adorable picture to start off your week! My dog is so weird. Happy Monday!



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