Down Shannon Lane Style: Terrific Lady Day Style

Check out this post for info about “Terrific Lady Day.”

The weather was very grey. You know grey sky, grey clouds, grey light, grey roads, everything grey. But the temperature was warm despite the snow that had recently fallen. The perfect day to relax, read a book, and take a nap…


…followed by an afternoon of pottery painting…


and an evening spent over dinner at my favorite restaurant. Now, my only conundrum was finding an outfit suited for all three activities.

David gave me a special ticket to plan a day all about me and I couldn’t wait to cash it in last week. But the perfect day needed the perfect outfit. I needed a warm outfit, but not too warm, that would be easy to relax in, while still looking cute, and something whose sleeves would roll up during pottery painting, roll up and stay up. Sounds like a tall order for one outfit right? I tackled my problems piece by piece. I am a very careful and concise painter so I knew that wearing dark colors would not be a problem. Therefore, I picked out my black jeans. Next, for the warm top. On a recent shopping adventure, I picked up a cute argyle sweater on sale for a gazillion percent off. Once I tried on the sweater, only one look came to mind.



Clueless!!! Always one of my favorites, I’ve probably seen this movie hundreds of times. Most of the fashion in this movie is 90’s and ridiculous. Cue crazy stripy outfit in the background. I love the look of the white button down collar and I just knew it would be an amazing look for my argyle sweater.

IMG_8134Outfit Details:

  • Argyle Sweater – Talbots (60% off)
  • Plain White Button Down – Talbots (purchased 4 years ago on sale)
  • Black Jeans – Target
  • Necklace – Claire’s (high school purchase)

IMG_8135 IMG_8142


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