Working with the Obstacles

IMG_8330Sometimes I feel like I live in a jungle gym. My pets constantly race and chase each other all over the house, the yard, and the basement. No matter what the obstacle, Butters is sure to find her way under, over, and around furniture, behind doors, around corners, under shelves, and inside closets. And Japhy is not far behind. She hates losing to him but unfortunately her size typically fails her. Plus he shoots over the couch and around the corners like a greyhound. Over the weekend I decided that this HAD to stop so I rearranged my living room to completely avoid animal acrobatics.

Want to see how the room turned out?

My largest complaint in our last house was the awkward size of the living room. Little did I know that it would get even worse in our next house. When I first saw this house over the summer, I immediately fell in love with the dark green shutters, the bay window, the arch doorways, and the old touches throughout the house.

Although, I didn’t necessarily like the size of the house and the lack of a garage, I knew that I could live with it. When I was unpacking, most of my furniture fell into place naturally but the living room was ridiculously difficult to arrange. There are too many obstacles…


  1. Our entertainment center only fits on one wall so it’s never moving.
  2. The bay window is too pretty to cover.
  3. The wall with the single window has a vent in the middle so the couch can’t go there.
  4. The hallway to the kitchen and bedrooms reside in one corner of the room.
  5. The front door takes up one wall by the bay window.
  6. The couch is too long so it has to stay in the middle of the room.
  7. When the couch is in the middle of the room, Japhy jumps over the back like an acrobatic maniac who is hell bent on tearing every muscle in his legs.
  8. This room is doing double duty as a living room, mudroom, entry way, etc…

At long last, after moving my couch to 4 different places on Saturday afternoon, I decided to work with my obstacles. Covering the bay window had always seemed insane because it is definitely the best feature of this living room. I mean, as I moved the couch into place, I could hear the voices of my favorite designers telling me that I was crazy for blocking the beautiful window. But I like it so much that I’ve decided to give in for a while. I know that I’ll change it again in six months anyways. I love to constantly change things up. We lived in our last house for two years and I managed to rearrange each room at least four times.

So here’s where everything ended up!


IMG_8333 IMG_8337Last time I rearranged my furniture I used a Room Planner but this time I went without a plan so I could see what worked instead. This was majorly out of character for me but I think it worked out and I’m definitely voting to keep the arrangement! Japhy and Butters have definitely cast their votes to keep it too. The couch by the window offers a perfect, comfy view. There will hopefully be no more jumping. And luckily, so far, he seems pretty scared to jump in the small bay window area.

IMG_8342Now we just need David’s vote. Something tells me that he’ll say that he likes it and I should keep it if I like it. He’s so agreeable. I love it!

Check back on Wednesday for a Super tutorial!


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