Anyone Can Be a Superhero: DIY Superhero Capes

Last week, I made and mended children’s superhero capes for a family friend. Her sons wore them everywhere as kids, one of them even suffered through a bike accident, and she requested that I make her several new capes to give as gifts. These make fantastic gifts for a two or three year old. Their imagination’s are just beginning to develop making for some excellent playtime. When I was a kid, I used anything, sheets, pillowcases, or blankets, tied around my neck to become a superhero. My inspiration came from these two well-loved capes.


Want to learn how to make a superhero cape?

The Materials: (To make one cape)


Of course, no sewing adventure is complete without a buddy.


First, I measured my inspiration cape. I decided to make mine 24 X 28.

IMG_8351I used a double hem to sew all the sides except for the top of the cape.

IMG_8371 IMG_8375Then I used a long stitch across the top to cinch the fabric.

IMG_8361I made a bias tape out of my fabric to make the neck piece. Then I sewed two pieces of velcro on each end. I placed the scratchy side of the velcro away from the neck to avoid scratchy rashes on each cape’s final owner.

IMG_8363 IMG_8388The next step is to sew each superhero symbol! Using the Batman cape that I already had, I traced the bat symbol for my capes.

IMG_8354 IMG_8379I freehanded the Robin symbol and I think it came out perfectly.

IMG_8364I sewed the symbol using red and black for my top stitch and a yellow bobbin so that it would blend in with the yellow fabric.

IMG_8366 IMG_8367 IMG_8368Each cape took only an hour to complete and I am so very pleased with the outcome. They are beautiful!

IMG_8389 IMG_8390The Robin Cape is my absolute favorite! The symbol looks amazing and the yellow fabric pops.

IMG_8394 IMG_8395I love them so much that I’m already planning our superhero costumes for next Halloween. Who could resist a kitten in a cape? Japhy has already turned this idea down though. Oh well, he just won’t get a vote!



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