This Week’s Menu

Saving money is always at the very top of my list of “Must Do’s.” I’m sure everyone has a place in their budget where they could be saving more and spending wiser. Mine has got to be food. It is so easy to come home after a day of work, bury my head in a project and forget about dinner only to end up spending way too much eating out instead. While it’s often delicious, it’s expensive and typically unhealthy. So rather than accept this fate, I decided to force my self to change it. And what better way than with a DIY project? It all started with a small bulletin board that I got 7 years ago for college.


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Frosted Hyacinths

Wednesday was the official first day of spring, but to me, and I’m sure many of you, it seemed like the middle of winter. Here’s why.


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Black & Whites

Recently developed photos from my Pentax K1000. I love the beauty and simplicity of black and white.

IMG_0000 IMG_0002

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DIY Mosaic Resin Lamp

My mom recently gave me this rusty, dirty lamp that had been sitting in her garage for years. During its hay day, it was displayed prominently in my mother’s living room. But, 10 years ago, it was displaced to the garage after a move into a bigger house. Rust, spiders, and other pests have had their way with it and now it’s my turn to breathe new life into this antique metal lamp.

IMG_8513 IMG_8512

Luckily, it still works and all the pieces are still in tact. So, with an idea in the back of my head, I purchased spray paint, mosaic tiles, and resin. Then I got to work.

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Time to Thaw

Today was the first nice day in months so we decided to take advantage of it. I snapped these on a walk at the Sequiota Park in Springfield, Missouri.

IMG_8645 IMG_8655

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DIY Roman Shade

I know I talk about it a lot but I was practically signing the lease already when I saw the bay window at the front of this house. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 9.52.55 PM

Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 11.44.30 PMThe charm, the character, the archway… I adore it. But I don’t adore the window coverings. Mini blinds and roller blinds? Fairly effective at blocking light when desired but not enough and definitely not attractive. However, it wasn’t at the top of my projects list because I thought it would be too expensive and I had no good ideas because my list of requirements was tall. Working with the obstacles (as I did a couple of weeks ago) was going to be a delicate dance. Here’s what I wanted…

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IMG_8528It’s a simple phrase that’s very important to me. Since graduating from college and moving in with David 2.5 years ago, I realized that home can be defined in many ways. In most ways my home is this tiny white house that I share with David and our pets. It’s also my hometown of Springfield, MO, which also happens to be my current city, it’s my parent’s house where most of my precious memories still reside, it’s my childhood where I made my first steps. But to me, the true feeling of home exists within the company of friends and family.

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Hit a Road Block

So I had this awesome project lined up to post today then this happened….


My mom gave me an old lamp to clean up, DIY, paint… Basically she told me to pizazz it any way I wanted. So I cleaned it up, prepped it for paint, and broke it… While I was taking pictures, I nudged the lamp and the globe crashed to the floor. I am way too clumsy for someone who was a dancer for 18 years. I should be great on my feet! So I decided to turn this negative into a positive!

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