Hit a Road Block

So I had this awesome project lined up to post today then this happened….


My mom gave me an old lamp to clean up, DIY, paint… Basically she told me to pizazz it any way I wanted. So I cleaned it up, prepped it for paint, and broke it… While I was taking pictures, I nudged the lamp and the globe crashed to the floor. I am way too clumsy for someone who was a dancer for 18 years. I should be great on my feet! So I decided to turn this negative into a positive!

As annoyed as I was that my sheer stupidity halted a super simple, quick project that was going to cost a measly $4, I was encouraged by the fact that this would force me to think creatively. My DIY projects do always seem to turn out amazing when they are looking pretty grim. For example, remember this destroyed table?


It only took a little bit of elbow grease to turn it into this beautiful mosaic table.


Or how about my scratched, scuffed, seen-better-days coffee table?


This one took a lot of elbow grease but it turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.


So this negative road block has turned into positive inspiration! Here’s a little sneak peek of my plan. Here’s the lamp….

IMG_8513Here’s the inspiration….

IMG_6070IMG_8446Check back next week for the big reveal!


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