IMG_8528It’s a simple phrase that’s very important to me. Since graduating from college and moving in with David 2.5 years ago, I realized that home can be defined in many ways. In most ways my home is this tiny white house that I share with David and our pets. It’s also my hometown of Springfield, MO, which also happens to be my current city, it’s my parent’s house where most of my precious memories still reside, it’s my childhood where I made my first steps. But to me, the true feeling of home exists within the company of friends and family.


I have been looking forward to updating this chalkboard for quite a while. It’s been rocking the “Be Happy” phrase on the other side of the kitchen for the last couple of months.  I free-handed the sentence but I have been searching for a scrawly font to inspire me. Home is written in Janda Celebration and the phrase is Janda Elegant. I like the second font because it is very similar to my handwriting but I love the first one! I typed this up in InDesign and increased the font height by 25%.


IMG_8530 IMG_8534This phrase is actually a Jack Johnson song lyric. This was my favorite band as a teenager and “Home” is one of my favorites from A Brokedown Melody.



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