Frosted Hyacinths

Wednesday was the official first day of spring, but to me, and I’m sure many of you, it seemed like the middle of winter. Here’s why.



Last fall I cleaned up my front yard’s flower bed and planted 60 bulbs. I have been dying for warm weather to arrive so they would bloom. Now I’m thanking my lucky stars that only this little guy made an appearance before the snow hit on Thursday afternoon.

0316131653aBut the other side of my garden is a different story. A past tenant planted hyacinths by the bushes and they showed up in full force for Thursday’s storm.

IMG_8755IMG_8770Rather than watch them wither away as they froze to death, I plucked them up, shook the snow off, and brought them inside to enjoy.

IMG_8841 IMG_8844I love this huge, green vase but it’s simply too big for my bouquet so I picked another one and plopped them in my living room to enjoy. I placed them on a high shelf to avoid idle kitty paws and swishy puppy tails.

IMG_8845 IMG_8847 IMG_8848Did you get any Mid-March snow in your neck of the woods? Are you flowers blooming yet?


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