DIY Bird Feeder

In all my life I don’t think it has taken this long for Spring to spring. Snow, sleet, and frost has tucked itself in between beautiful sunny days for weeks. It’s really not that bad but it’s definitely confused the bulbs all over my yard and the birds that spend their days flitting around my backyard.


With warm weather in sight, I decided it is finally time to embrace Spring! What does that mean exactly? It means that my attention is turning again to my Outdoor Room. If you follow me on my Pinterest, you’ll notice that my Outdoor Wonderland board has been my main focus to plan for summer. On my constant quest to save money, I decided my first outdoor project would be a cheap one. Cheap meaning that I only spent $2.50 on the project! And that $2.50 project is DIY Bird Feeders!



  • Glass Bottles
  • Plates or Bowls (Use something lightweight)
  • Epoxy
  • Glass Drill Bit
  • Wire
  • Bird Seed or Stale Crackers and Bread

David loves this Enjoy By beer by Stone. When he loves a certain beer, he loves to convince me that we need to save all of the bottles. With no space to display all of these bottles, I thought it would more fun to incorporate them into my projects. Using my glass drill bit, I drilled holes around the bottom. This is super easy but too many holes can weaken the integrity of the bottle so be careful. I chose to drill 3 of them evenly around the bottom.

IMG_8946 IMG_8947IMG_8949Once all of my holes were drilled, I cleaned the bottle and used epoxy to attach it to a small plate. These two plates were my only $2.50 expenditure for this project. The other bottle is a cranberry juice bottle that I fished out of my recycling.

IMG_8951 IMG_8988 IMG_8989I allowed 24 hours for adequate dry time then attached wire at the top before filling each bottle with crushed up stale crackers and bread.

IMG_8990I was left with two cute bird feeders that the birds and I are definitely loving. The beer bottle bird feeder is hanging in the backyard.

IMG_8971 IMG_8976 IMG_8982The other one found a spot in our front yard. It’s in the perfect place for Butters to enjoy the birds from the bay window.

IMG_8991 IMG_9005 IMG_9002 IMG_9006 IMG_8993 IMG_9008

I can’t want to catch some beautiful photos of birds outside our windows this summer!


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