DSL Style: Resizing a Tank Top

Clearance racks are my shopping haven. I have never been much of a shopper. When I was younger I preferred to let my mother pick out my clothes. As long as I didn’t look ridiculous, I was pretty easy to shop for. Plain, colorful, and fit were my only requirements. The one place I loved to browse? Clearance racks! The best things are found on the clearance racks. Now, this is not always true. The clearance racks at Walmart are typically random crap but the clearance racks at clothing stores are gold. One of my favorite store sale racks to peruse is Kohls, especially when my mother gets an extra 30% off. Cute stuff at affordable prices? I’m there! On my shopping trip last week, I managed to find a pretty ikat shirt with sequin embellishments for only $5. There was only one problem. I loved the color and the cut of the shirt but I hated the size.


There was no reason to leave this beautiful shirt behind at the store simply because it was too big in the side. No stranger to sewing a straight line, I knew that it would take no time to take in the hem on each side. So I turned the shirt inside out, threw it over my head, and pinned the sides in with safety pins (I wanted to avoid tiny pricks from straight pins).

IMG_9208I sewed in the sides in about 5 minutes! Now I have a flirty new shirt that perfectly fits. That’s $5 well spent! I am so happy I didn’t leave this on the rack because of the size!

IMG_9216 IMG_9228IMG_9225I love how it looks with blue cords (I bought these for $4 at a Kohls sale last month) and my white jean jacket. It has been icky, cold, and rainy here for the last week so I was dying to throw on this outfit to play in the gorgeous, green backyard.


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