Silver Dollar City

Last Friday, David and I packed up the car for a day out in nearby Branson, MO.


Growing up 30 minutes north of Branson, I have frequented the tourist spot hundreds of times throughout my life most notably with visits to Silver Dollar City. As a lover of roller coasters, my mom took my brother and I throughout each year to ride roller coasters, celebrate the end of summer with friends, view craft demonstrations, and participate in the festivals — crafts, BBQ, Christmas festivals and more.


With my mom and brother at Silver Dollar City’s Christmas Celebration in 1994. Don’t you just love my outfit?

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Optical Illusion — Flor Carpet Tiles

When I began my house search last summer, I had only a few requirements on my list — 2 bedrooms, a basement and/or garage, a fenced-in yard, and wood floors. As you know, I managed to find the cutest house that successfully answered every single requirement. Japhy and Butters adore our massive fenced-in yard, I love our second bedroom as my office, our huge basement is perfect for storage and winter projects, and the wood floors are beautiful and, most importantly, easy to clean. However, those hard wood floors that I love oh so much are not great on our feet. So, when a family friend recently gave my remnant Flor tiles from her home, I couldn’t wait to use them!


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