Optical Illusion — Flor Carpet Tiles

When I began my house search last summer, I had only a few requirements on my list — 2 bedrooms, a basement and/or garage, a fenced-in yard, and wood floors. As you know, I managed to find the cutest house that successfully answered every single requirement. Japhy and Butters adore our massive fenced-in yard, I love our second bedroom as my office, our huge basement is perfect for storage and winter projects, and the wood floors are beautiful and, most importantly, easy to clean. However, those hard wood floors that I love oh so much are not great on our feet. So, when a family friend recently gave my remnant Flor tiles from her home, I couldn’t wait to use them!


I only had a limited amount because these tiles were leftover remnants. I thought about using them to make a runner from the front door to the kitchen or what about the hallway? Unfortunately, there weren’t enough tiles for those spots. That’s when I looked into the master bedroom.


I took this right after we moved in. Bedding, lamps, and wall hangings have since changed.

I rarely miss the wall to wall carpet of our first rental home unless I’m in the bedroom. I personally love waking up and stretching my toes in a fuzzy rug. So, I knew the bedroom would be the perfect home for the carpet. The best part? It didn’t matter that I only had a few remnants because I didn’t need to put tile underneath the bed. Hence, the optical illusion part. So I artfully arranged the tiles around the edge of the bed. I had just enough 2X2 tiles to adequately line the edge of the bed then I used the smaller pieces that were left to fill in the spots that were visible from the couch in the living room.


I am so happy with my new rug! The kitty loves sleeping on it under the bed, Japhy prefers to use the edges as a pillow, and David and I love curling our toes in the soft carpet when we hop out of bed each morning.

IMG_9232 IMG_9238Since moving in, I’ve been at a loss as to how to decorate the room. I’ve changed things around several times and I think the rug is exactly what this room needed. It pulls everything together amazingly! What do you think?



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