DIY Colorful Bunting


Cute but not weather proof….

Last year, I made colorful bunting out of scrapbook paper to brighten my front porch and backyard. Unbeknownst to me at the time, laminated scrapbook paper was a dumb choice for my project because water seeped between the lamination and slowly ruined my bunting. So, defeated, I took it all down before winter last year knowing that I would come up with something even better to replace it. Sure enough a few months later while cleaning out craft supplies I was struck with a great idea for my fabric scraps. As a fabric shopaholic I am often left with fabric scraps too small for a whole project but too big to decidedly throw away. Case in point:

IMG_8728With this mismatched bunch of scraps I knew I could create some colorful, fun bunting to decorate my house for summer. Read on to see how I transformed my useless fabric scraps into something beautiful!

First, I made a triangle template and cut as many triangles from my fabric pieces as possible.

IMG_8733 IMG_8737Once, I cut out my materials (which is a good project to complete over a glass of wine and old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy), I began to sew!

IMG_9620To make each little flag I chose two triangles, placed the pretty sides of the fabric toward each other, and sewed up the sides leaving the top open. Then I turned them right side out and arranged them in a line aesthetically.

IMG_9618Finally, to construct my long strand of bunting I used long strips of scrap fabric to make bias tape then I tucked the triangle tops inside and sewed up the edge!

IMG_9630It is the perfect colorful project for my mismatched fabric scraps and it definitely dresses up my front porch!


I especially love how it accents my adorable little white bungalow!

IMG_9627 IMG_9634How do you dress up your house for summer? Do you have bunting hung at your house?


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