DIY Painted Doormat

It’s official! We have lived in our house for a year! In that time, so much has changed. I planted a garden, handcrafted a chandelier, organized the recycling, tiled a side table, began composting, redecorated my home office, trained my cat, and much more! Our first week in town, I picked up a simple rug to adorn my front porch. However, after a year, its cute pattern has faded, wiped away by happy paws and feet ready to step into the warmth of home. 
IMG_9631To breathe new life this piece, I grabbed 3 cans of spray paint for only $10, which is much cheaper than a new rug. Keep reading to see how I painted my doormat.

IMG_9712First, I used my white spray paint to give my rug a new base color.

IMG_9713Then, I slid a garbage bag on each end of the rug, arranged my stencil, and alternated painting red and blue through my stencil.

IMG_9723 IMG_9721Easy peasy! A few cheap supplies and 15 minutes of work gave me an adorable final product that accents my front stoop perfectly!

IMG_9725 IMG_9726It’s a bit not perfect but I don’t care. I love it!

IMG_9727It’s only overshadowed by my cute little model. Isn’t he the cutest?!

IMG_9731Happy Monday! See you next time down Shannon Lane!


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