Cross Stitched State of Missouri

I have spent my entire life living in one state — Missouri. Nineteen years on one side and six years on the other. I dream about living all over this planet but Missouri will always be my home. So when I was choosing a subject for my most recent art project, I couldn’t help but choose my home state.


Keep reading to see how I created my new favorite piece of art!

If you couldn’t guess, I have been crafty since I was a kid. I’ve always loved to create something beautiful. Cross stitching was one of my favorites as a kid. It keeps my hands occupied, it’s easy, it’s fun, and I always end up with something beautiful and unique. The downside? It takes FFFOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR!!! This 12X16 piece took about 60 hours. I started by sewing the Missouri outline then stitched row after row of different colorful patterns.


IMG_9231Of course, none of my projects would be possible without an itty bitty helper.


I made up the patterns as I went and I chose colors to make it aesthetically pleasing. By the way, the fabric is actually for needlepoint but I used cross stitching techniques.


The “T” stands for Truman State where I went to college, the little house symbolizes my family’s river cabin, and the heart symbolizes my birthplace and home, Springfield.

IMG_9755 IMG_9763My beautiful final piece is the perfect centerpiece for the gallery wall in my kitchen. After living in this house for a year, I decided that it was finally time to hang something over our table in the kitchen. Check back next week for the kitchen gallery wall reveal! Get excited! It looks awesome!



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