A Dab of Paint Here…

With little extra money to spend on projects and updates around my tiny bungalow, I have been sitting on my hands for the past few months ignoring the creative thoughts in the back of my head. See, I am one of those people that is constantly surrounded with possible projects. Others, a.k.a. my boyfriend, may not notice these small projects but they’re all I can think about. So, to satiate this desire, I decided to complete a few simple projects using supplies I already have! Meaning I didn’t have to spend any money plus all three projects only took an hour to complete!


First, I had my sights set on a framed mirror from my high school bedroom. (It’s the brown one on the left below. My gung ho project excitement made me forget to take a good before picture so I had to rely on this old pic from our move-in.)


The mirror was originally white but I painted it brown a few years back so it would stand out on the white walls of my old apartments. In our current home, the tan walls made the mirror look very drab so I decided to paint it white again but I threw in a pop of color just for fun!

IMG_9829 IMG_9832 IMG_9839 IMG_9849

It’s fun, it’s bright, and it’s a bit unexpected! Love, love, love!

IMG_9850 IMG_9851

Second, I had my sights set on my plain ‘ole wooden coasters that had seen way better days. I bought them 5 years ago for my first apartment in college but after 5 years they were covered in water stains, sticky booze, and who knows what else. For their face lift I chose blue, orange, and white paint to give them a whole new identity. (I forgot to take before pictures but they were originally a light bamboo wood.)

IMG_9884 IMG_9854

This simple project was the quickest to finish. I simply slathered three coats of paint and a coat of lacquer on each coaster and called this project complete! I love how they look next to David’s colorful comic books.

IMG_9855 IMG_9890My third project was fueled by my need to be more organized. I don’t know about you but I never remember what day I last vacuumed, watered the plants, washed the sheets, etc. So I decided it was high time I started keeping notes to clean/complete things more efficiently around our house. To record my notes, I whipped out an old white board from college and a handful of Sharpies to embellish my little beauty.

IMG_9880 IMG_9881It adds color and fun to my plain ‘ole fridge. I love it! Now, if only I could get the board to do the chores for me…

So there you are, three fun projects that only took me 2 hours to complete using supplies I already had on hand! It’s definitely satisfying to keep my money in my wallet and spruce up my home at the same time!


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