How to Tile the Top of a Small Dresser

Alright, I know. I seriously have an obsession with tiling furniture. But I just love it too much! Beautiful tile beats a new paint job any day in my book (depending on the piece of furniture, of course).


So, when a family friend recently gave me this adorable blank slate of a dresser, the wheels began turning. Should I… paint it, tile it, wallpaper it, stencil it, remove the doors? Maybe I could leave it at is? Nah, I don’t have that much self control when there’s a plain, white piece of furniture in my house. With so many ideas in my head, I needed to ponder this one for a few days. Rather than jump in feet first, I decided to live with it for a few weeks. Fortunately, I knew exactly where it belonged in our house. So I plopped it down in the entryway to begin its new life as our place to leave keys, mail, work schedules, etc.

IMG_9547 IMG_9548 IMG_9558

It didn’t take me long to accept my first instinct to dress up the top of the dresser. Tiling it was! So I grabbed my tile and grout and got to work!

Keep reading to see the finished product!

Tiled Dresser


  • Tile – 3 sq ft. (I got mine at Lowes on sale)
  • Pre-Mixed Sandless Grout
  • Trowel
  • Sponge
  • Gloves (Optional)


First, I cleaned my workspace and planned my tile placement. Then I spread on my grout…

IMG_9791 IMG_9792I used the cut out sides of my trowel to remove excess grout….


I laid my tile, squishing the grout through the tile cracks. Then I perfected my tile placement then left it to dry for 24 hours.

IMG_9797 IMG_9801

After 24 hours, I used latex gloves and my trowel to spread the grout between my tiles.

IMG_9805Once your grout is sufficiently spread, you’ll need to use your wet sponge to clean the tiles. If your surface is easily moveable, I suggest completing this step by your sink. You’ll be wiping the tile and wringing out your sponge for a while.

IMG_9806 IMG_9807Finally, allow your surface to dry for 24 hours before use. You may notice a haze on your tile, this is easily wiped away after the grout dries. The final (optional but highly recommended) step is to seal your grout to prevent staining.

IMG_9808This project only took me 2 hours over 2 days to complete and it only cost me about $20 because I already owned most of my supplies.

  • Tile – $4.50 on sale at Lowes, I bought 3 sq ft.
  • Hardware – $2.00 at Lowes, I bought 2 new drawer pulls and 1 cabinet handle
  • Final Total: $19.50 (plus tax)

It was worth the $20! I’m nuts for my final piece!

IMG_9856 IMG_9858 IMG_9860It fits perfectly in the our tiny hallway between the living room and kitchen. I’ve squeezed every bit of square footage out of this tiny 800 square foot house and this dresser definitely fills out my space. Plus it’s useful!

IMG_9862 IMG_9864 IMG_9877 IMG_9871Even Japhy likes it! Okay, that may be a stretch, he just loves smiling for any photo.

IMG_9869 IMG_9867 Check out some of my other tiling projects: DIY Tiled Serving Tray, Mosaic Tiled Table, and Mosaic Tiled Lamp.


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